Monday, March 26, 2007

Something that makes me VERY happy

The independent music station Mike and Shiv over there are the pulse of independent music and when the station went down late last year I spent a week in serious mourning, telling everyone I know how terrible it is to be without a Creed-less radio station that also was not a soulless feed such as XM online, nor was it run by a bunch of kids at a college radio with terrible production.

Thankfully Woxy returned and here's hoping their new financial model with partner works.

And in turn, here are some of my current favorite bands.
  • We Are Scientists - when are they going to be headlining?? Buy this album. Buy it twice.

  • Bon Savants - (site link...I love it) spanking new band outta Boston, and the lyrics are soaked in the lead singer's to-die-for voice

  • Silversun Pickups - stinks of a Saturday afternoon buzz, watching the sun set into the Pacific, after a long surfing day

  • Lily Allen - Brit spunk, very clevah (to quote Erykah Badu) lyrics

  • Built to Spill - rock and roll. Awesome. Out of Boise. Every time I play them people want a copy

  • The Hold Steady - my current favorite. Makes me want my teenage years again, this time with sense

  • Band of Horses - out of So Carolina. Haunting in some songs.

And finally, my buddy from San Diego who is in The High Rolling Loners. We took an hour drive to go see them and it was definitely worth it. Great and western/Waylon Jennings-styled stuff.

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