Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is it just me, or is Live *on a PC* meh-able

Microsoft Xbox Live to come to Windows with Halo 2
March 14 2007

This is the part where I sounds like a grumpy old man.

Why is Live that exciting for Windows and the regular computer user? Evidence keeps building of growing support for casual games, something Live certainly excels at delivering, but how many casual users are going to pay $50 year (admittedly cheap to those of us doling $15/mo for crack) to play casual games?

That leaves the obvious group: the gamers wanting to load up Halo 2 on their PC and play their counterparts on consoles. (Better get a xbox controller to tackle that...) But with games like Halo 2 requiring outrageous computers, why wouldn't the hard core gamer nab a console that handles the shooter a little more natively?

That brings us back to the beginning, that Live is another step forward in the digital melting pot --- providing another community building tool, another way for groups to access one another and pwn yer face. That makes me wonder by what measure Live will be viewed as successful. Microsoft tends to enter a field with shaky legs, learn quickly, and start competing hard, so perhaps this is another venture. Without seeing the plans in front of me, and without claiming "[blank] confirms that Live will have [insert]?"

And while I'm on this topic: STOP TITLING ARTICLES as with the word "confirm" and a question mark! How can a source confirm something if it is still in question? (I'm looking at you Engadget, and rumor posters worldwide!)

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