Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Digital me at the ent center

Another good piece about Battleground: EntCent

Interactive connection finally coming together

January 18, 2007

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    "The technology and consumer electronics industries have long teased consumers with the notion that their computers would serve up all the media content they want and their televisions would offer the interaction and choices of the online world. But it all felt like so much vaporware -- prosperity that remained tantalizingly around the corner."
There is gathering momentum toward a real all-in-one product to serve up all our media needs, but thus far we've not seen anything beyond the same problems of "does everything, but nothing well" or "does a few things but needs another box for the rest" in an easy to use package. Something that plugs in, finds your wireless network (or sets itself up on your wired one) and starts getting to know you by asking questions about what shows you like to watch, music you like, and so on - WITHOUT sending this info to marketers (I'm looking at you Tivo).

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