Friday, July 27, 2007

Cartophiles unite.

Official Google Blog: Earth to the Enterprise

Am I the only map lover whose jaw dropped over the coolness of Dell's analytics page that overlays visitors on a geographic 2D map?

Guess not. The NYT has a story up on masses of people using Google Maps.

I'd love to snag a job some day working with GMaps...for some reason ever since I was a kid I've collected maps, drawn maps, and could sit for hours staring at them. They tell a number of stories - how geography shapes population centers, how population centers shape geography, and how cities (like organisms) grow.

Love the stuff. I could talk about it for hours.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bob Barker retires...Drew Carey takes over

I started talking about this show today, and the news about Carey taking over. Funny how it was heartwarming for everyone around the conference table to talk about their favorite kitschy game.

I'm voting for either Plinko or the game with the yodeling mountain climber. MAN that was good stuff.

I also love how good ole Bob would always be the gentleman and ask the frail old ladies if they'd prefer him to spin the wheel for them..."Gotta go all the way around to count!"

One summer in 6th grade I remember I had a routine of watching the show every day...I'd say the day was a good one whenever Bob would remember his PSA at the end.

Thanks Bob.

And remember to spay and neuter your pet!