Thursday, March 15, 2007

Apple TV...why would I buy what I'm paying for...

Ok, so if I want to use Apple TV I need to buy the shows.

Most (hell,
all) of us do already have a monthly ongoing subscription to better-than-antenna service, be it DirecTV, cable or whatevah. So to watch the shows via Apple TV, we'll need to buy them and hey, they come without commercials.

My issue: I have a subscription service. I have
X number of dollars to buy a DVR (Tivo, Apple TV, or other) or rent one through someone like TWC for $5/mo. Why would I buy an Apple TV and then buy programs if I have a subscription service and can get a DVR to work with it for a minimal amount , with all those included bells and whistles?

Ok, if I don't have cable or satellite, then I see the value. I also see the value in connecting Apple TV easily to any set. But is that a real reason to stray away from the market leader's world of options---Tivo??

Find more here:
The death of the 30-second TV commercial
March 14 2007
  • key points:
    "Experts aren't convinced that Apple TV will be as big of a hit with consumers as the iPod was right off the bat -- after all, people have to pay for a TV show they could see for free on network TV."

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