Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No Gnews like old gnus

Or so to mis-phrase Gary Gnus of the Great Space Coaster, I would like to look back before moving forward with blog. This way I can set the stage for the focus and interest of the blog going forward...

Xbox Woos New Fans
January 12, 2007

Microsoft said half of 360 owners are new to the company, but they could just be Sony defectors.§or=Industries&subsector=EntertainmentAndMedia

  • key point:
    "While it may be seeing success wooing experienced gamers, Microsoft’s push to market the 360 as a multimedia machine with a wider appeal are clear. The Xbox's pending IPTV service could even put it in competition with archrival Apple again, albeit in a decidedly different arena."

Coming soon to an entertainment center near us is a machine of undecided "progressive" colors and design (white and smooth, or black and sharp?) It will handle the mp3s, high-def video, and online access that most don't know they yet need, but will definitely USE once it lands in their hands via a well-designed remote ala Tivo's.

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