Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coremetrics Web Analytics - a workaround for channel funnel metrics

Thought I'd share a workaround in Coremetrics for viewing channels in the Session Funnel Report.

Since I can trend full metrics in the Top Line Summary with a segment on them, I trended Tracked Sessions, Tracked Product Page Views, Carts Initiated, and Ordered Shopping Carts.

I didn’t have a pure number for “Sessions that view a Product Page,” which would be the second step in the cart. BUT since I had total sessions and total product page views, I took the Page Views/Session # per week and multiplied it by the weekly Total Sessions to get an estimated number of Sessions with a Product View.

Curious, intrawebs, does that seem credible to you?

I then did a % of total Sessions for each cart step that followed (using the Carts initiated and Ordered Carts metrics).

Gave me a rough views of metrics. Your mileage may vary!