Friday, March 23, 2007

A little more on the Apple TV...maybe some rationale

So David Pogue at the NYT enlightens me on the value of the RedFruit TV.

He makes the point that the x360 isn't quite user friendly in using a game controller for manipulation of photos and movies (including not having a variable time slide show). Hmm, maybe MS will take that slide show issue down on their to-do list and add that functionality. Adding a cute remote would be a great idea too. Apple does do a good job of trimming out the fat in design, something I greatly admire. There is no power-on on an ipod, par example.

And David also makes a good point about the EVA8000 from Netgear, that it is for a more tech-savvy user, and that the support sucks.

God sakes, why can't a set-top do it all with easy plug-and-play setup, without stupid error messages like "MTU failure" or "Network error, etc?

I should have suspected that is exactly where the Apple TV would find the same market that loves ipods. The market is the "rest of us" (hey! not me! I'm a networking fool!) who want simplicity.

Of course you give up flexibility with Apple, and that is what is always their downfall. I love OS X, but I love me some PC gaming...and those two are cats and dogs. They might live together, but just don't expect them to get along well.

Apple TV Has Landed
  • key points:
    "Apple, on the other hand, is going for everybody else, random people included (at least those with HDTV sets). And that, perhaps, is Apple TV’s real significance. To paraphrase the old Macintosh advertisement, it’s a computer-to-TV bridge for the rest of us."

    "In the end, these early attempts to bridge the gulf between computer and TV perfectly reinforce the conventional wisdom about Apple: Apple TV offers a gracious, delightful experience — but requires fidelity to Apple’s walled garden."

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