Friday, May 4, 2007

My entertainment center is a slippery slope

Ok, so my entertainment center is a slippery slope.

I want an Xbox 360.

I have a CRT, an old Sony 945 receiver, and a large armoire to hide it all away in.

What stands between me and HD goodness is about...hmm...$4000. Ugh. And yet there are plenty of bigger issues to be paying for in a home.

So I figure I'll start with a HDMI 1.3-compatible receiver (buy ahead in tech) since a new TV does no good with nothing to plug into, and then save save save for a HDTV by end of year when the Wal-Mart HDTV fiasco will hopefully start again.

North Cacalaci

So I'm trying out this new word I learned: Cacalaci.

Apparently it is a ghetto/redneck way of saying Carolina. A friend of mine in Florida recently asked me how life in Cacalaci is going and I thought he was speaking Spanish...I'd completely never heard of such a place, term, or use.

Apparently it is like adding Vegas to the end of a city. We did it in TN by saying Knoxvegas about Knoxville and people 'round here call a little 'neckville nearby K-vegas instead of Kernersville.

So Cacalaci. Funny ring to it. I'll use it.

Bring on the Nintendo to NC

Nintendo Of America Moving Forces Out Of Seattle?

Man I would love for them to relocate their "large sales and marketing force" to Raleigh or the Triangle...