Tuesday, June 9, 2009

on my way into work...

I drove past a trailer park and saw a lady standing outside of it, holding a sign pointing toward where people would be coming out of McDonalds and Dutch Brothers. She had wet hair which looked like it was partially blow-dried and was dressed in a purple sweatshirt with black slacks.

I thought to myself that she got up this morning in a worn out trailer (all of them are in that park). When she awoke she knew she had to go out there and hold up a sign asking for help. She had to take a shower and think about that, blow dry her hair and get dressed thinking she would soon be standing out there – probably seeing people she knows while she holds up a sign for help from people going to McDonalds and getting coffee.

That would be so hard for me in so many ways, so embarrassing honestly and so hard on my pride. I don't think I could do it.

That compared to me dealing with this petty stuff that make my daily grind (“reporting and accuracy!”) made me feel pretty pathetic to be feeling sorry for myself about my job and where it seems to be going.

It's all about your perspective in life, right?

There are plenty of others far less fortunate. Be thankful for everything you have, while realizing it will eventually fade away. Live in the moment now - while you still can - and help those around you.

That, I believe, is the secret to life.

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