Wednesday, May 27, 2009

James Harrison is officially a thug

Reason I despise James Harrison (the NFL player/celebrity, I guess I honestly can't speak for him personally):

(1) Super Bowl shove
(2) Refused to go with the Steelers to the White House
(3) Is responsible for more bad press on my beloved pit bulls

Harrison is apparently the worst the NFL has to offer - a poor sport and a violent person who begets violence on those around him. He kept a dog (and any dog can be this way) in a pen and had raised it to be violent - he was aware it was that way and didn't seek help for it. The burden is on him, not on the animal he was responsible for.

Additionally, if you really want to be saddened by humanity, read ESPN comments sometimes.
- one of the worst highlights "We should kill all pit bulls"

Sad that someone would actually even type that - we should kill animals whose behavior we're responsible for. Additionally that the commenter was quick to stereotype all animals of a breed, especially when Cocker Spaniels account for far more bites every year.

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