Friday, January 2, 2009

Squeezebox Duet

There are a few electronic things, that when unveiled, you say to yourself "that would be perfect for the batcave is a must have."

Sonos could never bring their excessively expensive richboy toy down to my level so I bought the Squeezebox Duet instead. Since I've foregone the requisite HDTV and don't have cable, I am now using Hulu and Netflix instant downloads for my entertainment and had hoped for Squeezebox to fill in the gaps.

I couldn't be more happy. It's a love affair now.

Things I love about it:

I've got 15 podcasts in it, ready to play whenever I feel like it: KEXP song of the day, NPR's numerous excellent podcasts, The Instance (for the WoW nerd in me), Writer's Almanac, Writers on Writing (for my wife really), several fly fishing podcasts, and several How Stuff Works podcasts including "What you missed in history class"

Pandora, built in. I have extremely random music moods and pandora suits me - from Dwight Yoakam radio to Thievery Corporation, it's all there and easy to use.

ALL my music, now available at a whim. 30GBs and growing...

Highly recommend this to anyone, and plus it comes with fun mp3s to harass your dog with, like a rooster crowing:

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